You may find that many people begin to experience hair loss at a young age in life; if you are one of them there are treatments and hair pieces that assist you with this situation. All of us spend a good part of our life trying to maintain our hair to some degree or another, both men and women. Bad toupees do nothing for the image and self-confidence of the wearer suffering from hair loss and probably self-esteem issues as well. Women who are experiencing hair loss while pregnant or on any other medications should consult their family doctor before taking medicines like propecia.Many of us lose between 40 and 120 strands of hair a day, depending on the rate of hair and its growth cycle. You will find all the information you need to become educated about hair loss and the different treatments available to prevent this from happening. Even when hair loss is not the result of poor nutrition, a change in your diet might be able to suppress or slow down the hair loss. Different patterns of hair loss occur in men and also in women; however, many men suffer the same problem of male pattern hair loss. Causes of alopecia areata might sometimes only be explained by stress; many affected by hair loss report it after a preceding period of intense stress in their lifespan. Despite what the commercials say, there is no ultimate cure for hair loss that fixes every problem or condition for men or women. Characteristics of hair loss in men usually starts with a receding hair line or hair loss from the crown; sometimes it happens at the exact time. Androgenetic alopecia which is the most frequent form of hair loss in men is caused by an excess of dht in the body. At present time, it is a known fact in the medical world that hair loss stems from both genetic and hormonal causes in men and women. Dealing with hair loss is sometimes only a short duration problem, because hair may grow back in many cases. Characteristics of hair loss in men generally follow the male pattern baldness effect, forming a horse shoe visual aspect from a far distance. Androgenetic alopecia is stimulated by the hormonal byproduct called dht, or dihydrotestostrone, one of many male hormones in the body. Coping with hair loss may depend on what is causing the problem; if it is some other more threatening disease, then the hair loss might be a little issue in comparison. Your hair may gradually thin if you find yourself stressing out more often than normal; this is one an example of how some women experience hair loss.