I have been using Beaute De Femme for some time now.  I have seen a tremendous improvement in my scalp.  My dandruff has decreased and the dryness is gone.  My hair is actually growing after all these years.  I love using the product because I see results.  I have a severe case of alopecia in the top of my scalp and this product has  actually helped this area thicken back up.  I told my husband about this product and told him to try it.   He has male baldness in the top of his scalp.  After a couple of months of using the product, he has seen hair growth.  So much in so, that his barber has asked him what is he doing to make his hair grow.  He seems to “always need a hair cut” now.


This product does work.  It works with all types of hair and I am so pleased with the results.  I love the smell and fell of the product.  It is aromatic and it has a good tingle to it.  I fell like my scalp gets a treat each time I use it.  It’s the only hair product that I am using now because of the difference I have seen in my hair.  I would recommend this product to anyone!


A satisfied customer

Islip, NY