I first started using Beaute de Femme when my beautician applied it to my scalp after a relaxer. It was so cool and soothing, I had to make it become a part of my daily hair routine.  Using just a touch before wrapping my hair at night, I began to notice less dandruff and a healthy sheen to my hair.  It wasn’t long before I started using it in my two-year old daughter’s hair.  Best decision I ever made. The Beaute de Femme hair treatment added the moisture and oils necessary to make her hair smooth and manageable.  Her hair also started to grow longer and fuller, especially around her hairline where the pulling by ponytail holders and small rubberbands was causing breakage. When my mother complained her hair was falling out from the numerous medications she was taking, I bought the product for her as well. Within two weeks, she said she was seeing noticeably less hair in her brush and asked me to buy two more jars of the hair treatment, one for her and one for a friend.  Even my husband uses it to slow his natural male pattern hair loss. Currently, we only use the Beaute de Femme shampoo and conditioner in our home and are very happy with the results.  Beaute de Femme offers family products that really work.   I am a totally satisfied customer and would recommend Beaute de Femme to anyone.


– E. Clermont, Deer Park, NY